👀 Why can't I see my provider's timetable?

When I go to my timetable I can't see my Fitness Providers sessions on the schedule - it's completely blank!

There are 2 main reasons why this may have happened to you...

  1. If you've never been able to see your Fitness Provider's schedule then you may have created an account but not accepted the invite email sent by your provider. Check your email and look for the invite (double-check all your folders like spam, junk etc..), then accept the invite and you'll have access. If you can't find the invite, please ask your Provider to send you a new one. If you have access to your own account you can also see pending invites here: https://legitfit.com/dashboard
  2. If you used to be able to see your Fitness Provider's schedule but can't now, you may have accidentally created a new account with a different email address. In this case, sign out of your profile and sign back in with the original email address and password you were added with in the first place. An easy way to find out if this is the case is to ask your Studio/Gym what email address they have for you on LEGIT FIT.

If none of the above helps then please contact our live support team!