🆕✍️🆙 Can new clients directly sign-up to my account without my invite?

Yes - We have 2 ways that new clients can create an account with you!

  1. You can use your public timetable. See this article - Public Timetable

  2. And you have a generated link that will connect to your account - See below 👇

To generate the self-sign-up link; you need your public timetable turned on & a unique username. Place your username after the sign-up link:


Just change the “yourusername” from the above link to the Public unique username from your settings as shown in the screenshot below.


This link will bring clients to the following page but with your account 😃 


When new clients sign up through the link, they can see your schedule, book in, and buy your services without you having to invite them.

You can share the self-sign-up link with your clients to your website & social media etc.