💨 Automatically refunding clients for their service credits

By setting up auto refund credits, your clients will automatically be refunded the credit to their account when they cancel a session/class depending on your set duration without you to having manually refund them.

How to Auto-Refund Credits

Step 1: Finding the settings section

You’ll find the settings section on the left bottom of your screen below the staff section.


Step 2: Going to the “System” page in the settings

To locate the “System” page, Setting > System.

image (1)

Step 3: Setting Auto-Refund Credits

In the system setting under the settings page, you’ll find the Auto-Refund Credits option if you scroll down a little bit. You can turn it on by toggling the button and after that, set the duration of your choice and press “Save Details” at the bottom to confirm.

image (2)

Note- It is for an automatic refund of their membership/package session.

For monetary refunds please see this page: Refunds