💸 Why have I been charged multiple times?

I am a client of a Fitness Provider and I have been charged multiple times on LegitFit recently, why is this?

This usually happens because of a failed payment on recurring membership.

LegitFit's payment partner Stripe will automatically retry a failed payment 4 times before terminating the membership in question. If you've had a failed payment on your membership, it is quite likely that two payment charges could occur quite close together - one for the previous month (unpaid), and one for the month in question (due to be paid).

The best thing to do initially is to check your bank account and see if your last membership payment was taken out on its due date. This will then hopefully explain the second charge.

Another reason you may have been charged twice is due to the fact that you purchased a second membership by mistake not realizing it was a recurring payment. We try our best to make this quite clear... but unfortunately, it does happen from time to time 😅



You can double-check if this is the case by going to your home section on LEGIT FIT and scrolling down to the Active Memberships section (see image below). This section will tell you if you have multiple active Memberships on your account.


If you do have multiple memberships and didn't mean to purchase them, please contact your Fitness Provider to cancel the surplus memberships.