📧 Why has my invite email expired?

The invite sent by my provider says the 'token has expired'- how can this be resolved?

The first thing to note about LEGIT FIT's invite process is that every email invite is for one-time use only.  The invite email is meant to verify your account and connect you to your fitness provider and is not meant to be used after that. If you have clicked on the verification button once then your account will be verified and the invite token will expire. 


To access your LEGIT FIT account post-verification you can CLICK HERE AND SIGN IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT.


If you can't remember your password or didn't create one, then the following article will show you how to reset or re-create a new password - ClICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE.


If it's your first-ever time clicking on the invite email and you are seeing token expired your provider may have sent more than one invite email and you are clicking on an outdated token. The best thing to do here is to make sure that you are clicking on the most recent invite sent and if this doesn't fix your issue ask your provider to send you another invite. 


Once you've signed in and all is ok, the following article will show you how to add our progressive web app to your home screen which makes it much easier  book into your sessions in the future - CLICK HERE

Or you can download our mobile app to manage your bookings - CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW TO DOWNLOAD APP

If all of the above fails please reach out to us on the live chat! 😃