🆕 Why can't my client use a new service they have purchased on a session?

I have created a new service, but my client cannot use this to book a session...

Nothing like a new service to get the clients and yourself excited 😅

So let's ensure they can use this 💪

Follow the steps (or the video) below and your clients will be able to use your new services on your existing timetable sessions: 

  1. Go to your timetable and select the session/s that you wish to update
  2. Click Edit in the pop-up window
  3. Scroll down and click on Accept Services
  4. Turn on the new service (i.e to be used by clients to book in)
  5. For recurring sessions, you can choose to update all future sessions at the bottom to apply the update to all future sessions 😀

Note: If these are 1 off sessions you will unfortunately, you'll have to edit individual sessions manually