⏰ Timetable is showing the wrong time for sessions.

How can I correct the wrong time shown on my timetable?

So it might be related to the timezone settings of your device. Can make sure your device's timezone settings are set correctly according to your location. 

As an example, if you're in Ireland, your timezone settings should be set to Europe/Dublin UTC+1. or Europe/Dublin GMT+0
After that, just log out of your account and then restart your device after that log back into it, and then you'll be to see the correct times of the sessions.

If you are an iPhone user and the above settings are not working for you then that means the problem is with your device or could be the Safari browser, Because Safari doesn't support local date and time anymore after the update to iOS version 14.5.

So to solve this problem, click on the link below.

Solve Date format Issue in Safari.