🔂 Clients Status is "Pending Payment"?

My client's membership payment status is "pending"... can I change this to active?

Yes, you can!

At first, you will be notified at the first moment of any problems with payment, and this will keep the status as "pending payment" until it's fully paid. The system will try 4 times over the course of the month to collect payment.

However, you can retry the pending payment manually yourself...

  • You need to go to the Services section in your LegitFit account or click on the following link and it will redirect you to the Services and membership page:

In this section, you can see purchased memberships and their status.
  • Click on the client with "pending payment" to see their details in the window pop up. 
  • In this window, you can click/tap on this icon 🔄 to retry for payment.
When successful, the client status will update to "active" 😃

Alternatively, watch the following video tutorial to see how to retry for "pending payments"

HubSpot Video

Note: Errors like "Card was declined" will only appear if the card is expired or has an insufficient balance.

Also, if a card is declined the system will try to charge them 4 more times in two weeks. If unsuccessful it will automatically cancel the transaction.

You and your clients will be notified of any failed payments. 

If the card details require updating for your clients' payment to process, see this page for how to update client card details: Update Card Details