⏰ Clients seeing wrong session times in their account

Some of my clients are getting confirmation emails with the wrong session times...

If your clients are seeing the wrong session times in their account or getting booking confirmation emails with wrong times e.g. the session is supposed to be at 5 PM but the email says 6 PM it is most likely that the Timezone settings in their account are different from your account.

e.g. Your system's timezone is set to Europe/Dublin UTC+1 and your client's timezone is set to GMT UTC + 00:00 (GMT).

You can see your time zone if you go to the account setting in your system.


So they just need to update their account's timezone settings and match that to yours.

They can update their Timzone if they go to the account settings in their account, scroll down a bit and they'll see the option to change their timezone.

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Hopefully, it will sort the above issue for you!