🏷️ Creating a Coupon

Black Friday, Xmas, or just a family discount? - The system allows you to create a coupon that you can share with your clients so that they can use it for a discount or you can also apply it for them from your side when assigning a membership to them

How to create a coupon

Step 1: Finding the Coupons section

To locate the Coupons section: simply go to Products Coupons


Step 2: Locating the Create Coupon button

Once in the Coupons Tab, you'll see a button to create a coupon. Here you can create a coupon of your choice.


Step 3: Creating the coupon

After clicking on the Create Coupon button, a popup window will appear and you’ll have to put in the information about your coupons like the name, discount code, the type of discount, and the duration.