⌛ Can I set a Booking Time Limit for my sessions?

How can I avoid those last-minute surprise bookings?

If you are looking to set a time limit for your clients to book in advance then you are just two steps away 😀

  1. Go to the following link below and you'll see the first option of Booking Time Limit :
2.    Here you can set a time duration as shown in the following clip or you can allow your clients to book in at any time before a session starts.

Note:- Every session you create after this will already have this booking limit setting enabled in it, those sessions that were created before won't be changed.
HubSpot Video

Also, If you want to set this for only one session or some specific sessions then you can do that by editing that session and enabling the booking time limit in it, that will only enable the setting for that specific session. Please watch the short clip below to know how to do that.

HubSpot Video