📩 Sending direct messages to clients in LegitFit

You have the ability to send messages directly to any of your clients from your LegitFit account.

How to send messages to clients in LegitFit

Step 1: Going to the messages section/tab

On the left side you the screen you’ll see the menu. In that menu, you’ll find messages on the bottom, just above “Staff”.


Step 2: Searching and selecting the client

After going to the messages tab, you’ll see the search box at the top right of the screen, write the name of the client to whom you want to send the message in that box and you’ll see their name below, just click on their name.

Step 3: Sending the message

After clicking on their name, you’ll see the message window. In that window on the bottom, you can write the message and then click on the send button.