đź’łAssigning a Membership/Package to clients using their card details

You can charge and assign membership/packages to customers using their card details yourself. The video and steps are shown below.

How to assign a Membership/Package to clients using their card details

Step 1: Finding the Memberships/Packages tab

You need to navigate to the 'Products' tab of your account on the left of the screen. You will find two tabs in there 'Memberships and Packages'.


Step 2: Choosing the membership/package to assign

Once you’re in the Memberships/Packages tab, open the membership/package that you want to assign your clients using their card details by tapping/clicking on it.


Step 3: Assigning the membership/package

In the Membership/Package details, you will see an 'Add clients' icon on the right side of the window Tap/Click on that icon.


After clicking on that icon a small window will pop up. Search for the name of the client in there and select them, select the 'Card' option, put in their card details, and then press Confirm

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