💳 Is it necessary to use LegitFit's payment system?

I want to take cash and run direct debits still... Do I need to use LegitFit for payments?

Although we do advise setting up on LegitFit for payments... it's not a requirement.


The benefits of using our direct integration include:

- Everything in one place

- Business Insights and Analytics

- Automated Session Tracking

- Payment Optimization

- Easier/Better Client Experience.


Usually, people are concerned with the transaction costs, however, one thing to note is that all transactions are tax-deductible and the real costs that you should be worried about are time and losing out on optimizations with this side of the business!


If you do decide not to use our payment system, you can simply assign services for cash or set up the booking requirement to 'No Payment Needed' or "Payment Optional". One thing to be careful of is assigning memberships as these will auto-renew whether the client has paid or not. 


Side note: You will still need to verify through Stripe to use LegitFit even if you're not using it for payments.