😬 I think there's something wrong with my account...

I'm experiencing some issues on the platform... can you help?

99% of the time, most issues can be solved using this article.


Let's run through the following steps and see if we can get you sorted!

  1. Please ensure that you were first and foremost added by your fitness provider - otherwise, you won't see their schedule or services.
  2. When they added you... did you accept the email invite? If it's not in your inbox can you check your junk or spam folder? If it's not there, try to get them to resend you the invite (or remove and re-add you).
  3. Can you refresh the screen or close down the app?
  4. Can you log out of your account completely and then try log back in?

If the aforementioned steps haven't resolved the issue, please send us a message through our live chat support! 😀


If they have resolved things #InChrisODowdWeTrust 😅 😂